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How Bail Bondsman Hiring System Works?
January 18, 2018

Peculiarity of bail bonding in Florida

Suppose a person is convicted of a crime in America. It might be a crime of the highest level like rape, murder, etc. Now, the USA follows a certain rule and regulation for bails of convicted people. A convicted person can be charged with more than one crime and the bail fee might increase according to the degree of crime. Let, a person is charged with 8 criminal counts, and a total fee of those 8 crimes is set at $500000.

bail bondsman palm beach, flThis is a huge amount to pay for any medium class family. Normally, at that time, the family of the convicted person contacts with a bail bondsman organization for paying the bail amount. American courts are making a huge amount of profit of the usage of the bail bondsman for paying the fees. But, the poor people of the USA are suffering very much because of certain rules and regulations.

Let’s talk about Florida. Florida also follows the rules and regulations made by American courts. The county judge determines the bail fee for the convicted felon who is charged and arrested for a crime. As most of the people cannot pay the bail amount all at once, the state also allows bail bondsman service for convicted people. Bail bondsman is normally allowed to charge only ten percent of the total bails fee and they can use the home or car of the convicted person as an insurance policy in case the convicted person somehow fails to pay the fee of a bail bondsman. By following this system, a convicted person can walk out of jail and retain their jobs and other stuffs during the trail. The collateral or insurance policies will be released once the trail is finished and bail bondsman get their money from the justice system or court.

A Florida based agent charges a percentage or premium on the total amount of fee to be paid for bail. We know, a bail bondsman normally charges the ten percent of the total bail amount. But in Florida, if the bail amount is $1000 or less than $1000, convicted person will have to pay $100 to the bail bondsman. The ‘Ten Percent’ rule is only applicable when the bail amount is more the $1000. This is to be remembered that the convicted person has to get him out of jail in Florida before the court date will require contacting a local, reputed bail bond agent.

Like other states, in Florida, when a defendant cannot pay their bail money, he can have two options- he can stay in jail and wait the time out, or he can pay a fee to an agent who will post a bail bond on behalf of him in the court. Normally, the second option is very rare because a bail bondsman doesn’t want to take the risk of not getting the money from the convicted person in case he or she skips the town. If something like this happens, bail bondsman can hire a bounty hunter to get the money by any means possible.

There are many problems of bail system. Rich people can pay their bail money very easily. But when it comes to poor people who cannot pay their bail fee, they are more likely to be stuck in jail for a long amount of time. It is also very costly to keep people in jail. Government has to readjust their budget money allowed for the jail system, pay extra money for stuff, food, water etc.

Florida takes a lot of convicted people in pre-trial because pre-trial system involves the bail bondsman system in huge amount. The court makes profit from the bail bonds in a lot of ways and to be honest, the court has a very harsh bail policies compared to the other countries of the world. In other countries, the bail fee is very reasonable and affordable for normal people. Of course, the bail bondsman system has a big advantage. It can bring people come to trial for their crime. When people fail to attend their first trial, bail bond industry is very effective in getting those people to attend their second trial by any way possible.

Finally, though the bail bondsman system has a lot of advantages, the disadvantages are totally cruel in nature. Let’s think that some people could have attended their first trial. Still, they have to pay a lot of money as the bail bond fee. The future of a bail system in Florida is not going anywhere because according to the records, the percentage of felony released has increased on bail bondsman systems and decreased for the people who are released on their own recognizance. Reformers are now advocating a higher use of risk assessment tools to make sure that the people who are likely to attend their first trial don’t get a high bail or any bail at all. But implementing these risk assessment tools seems to be too much time consuming.  We can say that, bail bondsman service has been very cruel for poor people yet, it is bringing out a lot of money due to the legal authorization of the justice system in America.

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