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How Bail Works

Bail bonds are also called surety bonds. They are the most popular form of bail. If the individual does not have enough cash to post bail, he can use a bond company. The bond company pays the bond for the individual and usually charges 10% of the bond as a fee. The bond company will get the bond money back if the individual shows up for court. So, if the bail was set at $5,000, then the bail company would generally charge $500 to the individual in need.

The bond company doesn’t want to lose out on the bail money that they paid, so it makes sure the individual has a co-signer that is capable of paying the bail money back if the individual skips town. The co-signer is usually a friend or family member. That co-signer is responsible for the full amount if the individual doesn’t show up to court.

Right to Bail

The right to bail stems from the crucial principal of the American legal system that we are “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.” Many other important advantages stem from bail such as it lessens the burden on the tax payer dollars and keeps jails from over population. Being private enterprise more defendants who have a bail bondsman will appear for trial without cost to taxpayers or government. Statistics prove more fugitives are recovered who have a bail bondsman with the incentive to recover said defendant as opposed to a warrant being issued by no bond states.

Your Rights

It is always a good idea to know your rights; this is especially true if you are an indemnitor on a bond. Florida actually has laws that protect you and give you certain rights as a debtor on a bond.

There are only certain reasons that a West Palm Bail Bonds Agent can throw you back in jail without returning your premium. However, there may be certain conditions that are stipulated on your bond that would cause your incarceration without the return of your bail premium.


  • Defendant fails to notify his bondsman of a change of address, phone, and place of employment PRIOR to changing one of these activities.
  • Defendant leaves the county of jurisdiction without written express permission of his bondsman.
  • Defendant is re-arrested for any new criminal offense other than a minor traffic offense while the original bond is active.
  • Defendant willfully fails to appear in court and Palm Beach Bail Bonds Agent is ordered by the courts to pay the entire amount of the bond.
  • Defendant commits any act that reasonably and leads the West Palm Bail Bond Agent to believe that the Defendant will cause a forfeiture of the bond, breach of the bond or violation of the original bond conditions.


If for some reason the defendant is put back in jail without due cause, Florida statues dictate that the entire premium must be returned to the payer of said premium.

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